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Find the best reasons to publish with us, why to make your work open science and open access, why you will have with us the best affordable fees and of course know more about our speciality: Blockchainified Publishing.



Use our expertise on:

  • Data Security – Building a secure system starts at the level of design. We help you avoid costly mistakes from the start!

  • Blockchain and Cryptography – Both help you to ensure that data stays authentic and available, and that sensitive data remains private
  • Secure Data Infrastructures – Developing secure and distributed data infrastructures
  • Knowledge Preservation – Preserve scientific knowledge for future generations
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) bring important new concepts into the automatisation of your company processes

Web Design

Here you will find our best web designs at corporate or private level!

If you need to design (or redesign) your corporate website, we take care of this task by offering you great conditions and delivering to you as a result: Professional web prepared to offer you great possibilities:

  • Website easy to manage.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Fair price.

We develop in different languages and systems like html, css, wordpress, etc., however we really like the web development using the WordPress platform, hence most of our developments start with such a system.

Some of the past works of the members of our team are:


Video Design

Here you will find great Video designs at corporate or private level!

Our speciality is working on whiteboard. What we are doing is a kind of “simulation of drawings on a whiteboard”, where users can see how the animation is created in real time while the “story is told”.

Our prices depend on whether as a client you give us the script or wants us to design the storytelling for you, as well as the duration of the video, etc.

As an orientation, here we explain (in creating animated videos), what you need to know or what are all the factors involved in producing a video.

The first thing you need is a simple story that allows you to capture the attention of the audience: This is called storytelling. This story is the first step because the goal of each video is to always tell a story.

The second step involves the issue of visual adaptation. Nowadays as a user you can find many offers on the market such as Stop Motion, Screen Cast, Motion Graphics, Whiteboard, etc.

Naturally the design, production, locution and music are also very important aspects without leaving behind the final duration of the same, which we advise you not to spend more than 90 seconds. Ideal are short videos of maximum 1 minute with clear messages!

Some of our previous works are:

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