We now also offer to take care of your conference submission process and concerence proceedings.


Our six open science mega journals cover all areas of science. Our open review process ensures quality and transparency.


Publish your Open Access eBook with us and take advantage of our publishing knowledge.

Reasons to Publish with Us

  • Greater Impact – Consistent Open Access means that all publications can be freely accessed and read, leading to more citations than closed access publications.

  • High Quality – All articles are peer reviewed to ensure high integrity and quality. (Whitepapers and techreports run through a simpler review process.)

  • Reputation – An open review process increases repuation of authors and reviewers. Reviews are published as full publications.

  • Open Science – Science is much more than just final results. Science needs repetitions, negative results, data, code, etc. Moringa SP offers a place to publish it.

  • Availability Online – We take care that your work stays online.

  • Visibility – Our articles are indexed by the biggest search engines, so that they are easy to find and to cite.

  • Easy Reproduction – When you publish your article, include everything digital that is needed to reproduce your results.

  • Reader Friendly – We cater for reading online, on an eBook reader and for printing.

  • Author Friendly – For the initial submission we do not require a special format. Pick your favourite template or just re-submit your work.

  • International – We publish in English, German and Spanish.

  • Reasonable Fees – Low entry fees and special fees for the global south.

Why Open Science

Today Open Access plays a very important role in the area of ​​research. Open Access publications give any user the right to download, read, copy, distribute, print, search or link the full text of scientific articles and use them for any legitimate purpose.

Among other advantages that Open Access offers, researchers can highlight the speed with which publications are published and the global spread in the Internet. Open Access allows authors to always keep control of their own publications and their rights, as well as to increases the impact of their work, as more researchers around the world will have access to the article and cite it.

All Moringa Science Publishing journals are Open Access. All submissions will be published under a Creative Commons license for free and reusable through our website and IPFS.

Our Open Access policies are fully compatible with the requirements of a range of funders including the Wellcome Trust, HEFCE (REF 2020), NIH, HHMI, RCUK, European Commission, MRC, NERC, STFC, ESRC, EPSRC and BBSRC. For a complete list of funders with open access requirements, visit the SHERPA / JULIET website.

Affordable Fees

It is free to submit your work, but to be published we charge service fees for the publication service. As small publisher we are except from German Umsatzsteuer (VAT) this year and we decided to hand over this advantage to our customers!

The standard fee for publication with us is 750 EUR per article (excluding tax, subject to changes).

Note: The article will only be published after the publication fee has been received.

Our Speciality: Blockchainified Publishing

  • By saving the unique cryptographic signature of all published articles on the blockchain, you are able to prove authenticity, authorship and publication date of your publication.

  • Open access publications are cited significantly more frequently.

  • Moringa Science Publishing publishes high-quality research across the entire range of science where publishers can submit all their work:

    Research articles  /  Tech-Reports  /  Overview articles  /  Repeat attempts  /  Negative results  /  White Papers