What are the conditions of publication?

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Moringa Science Publishing considers submission of articles that have not been published previously. Moringa Science Publishing understands that in many cases the authors wish to reproduce some of the content of other publications and even some degree of recycling of text in sections such as antecedents, introduction, methods, are to some extent accepted. However, this [...]

What are the possible publication formats?

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All publications in Moringa Science Publishing journals are only published online. Usually the research papers are accompanied by additional material which can be in figures, videos, tables, data sets, etc. All of this additional material, up to 10MB, is included in the posting on servers of Moringa Science Publishing. In case of publications with larger [...]

What are the objectives and scopes of our journals?

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Moringa journals are only published in open access and present all high quality research related to the area of ​​ science. The review process of the articles is carried out by means of the "peer review" method. The magazine receives and publishes all high quality work in a simple way and without many of the [...]

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