What licenses do you use for publishing?

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We have a strong preference for the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license or the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license, but we are open for other accepted open access licenses if the authors prefer. Especially for software the creative commons licenses may not be perfectly adequate. We invite you to have a look at [...]

What are your fees?

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It is free to submit your work, but to be published we charge service fees for the publication service. As small publisher we are except from German Umsatzsteuer (VAT) this year and we decided to hand over this advantage to our customers! The standard fee for publication with us is 750 EUR per article (excluding [...]

Data sharing

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Making information available to other authors such as data, codes and research materials that support the results in the article is paramount. Data sets and code can be submitted together with the article and will be published under the same open license on IPFS, or have to be deposited in an appropriate, recognized and publicly [...]

Misconduct and redundant publication

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Moringa Science Publishing relates misconduct in the area of ​​research to the fabrication, falsification and / or plagiarism of any part of the manuscript process. In the event that the publisher is concerned about an article, it will contact the authors in order to clarify these uncertainties. In the case of published plagiarism or double [...]

The Editorial Policies and Ethics of Moringa Science Publishing

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Articles should indicate the names of the participants in the research process and the process of writing the article, as well as other possible contributions from other authors to the final result. Articles are not reviewed based on the results, but strictly on the basis of the methods and the quality of the writing. We [...]

How does the review process work?

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When a new article is submitted, it will first be screened by an editor whether it is suitable to enter the review process or has to be rejected for obvious reasons (that includes for example cases where the article is illegible or badly written, or would be a case of liability for the publisher, or [...]

Why Open Access?

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Today open access plays a very important role in the area of ​​research. Open Access publications allow any user to have the right to download, read, copy, distribute, print, search or link the full texts of scientific articles and use them for any legitimate purpose. Among other advantages that open access offers, researchers can highlighted [...]

What are the benefits for the authors?

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There are many advantages that the authors obtain when publishing in any of the journals of Moringa: Greater impact The authors enjoy a greater impact on their publications since all of Moringa's range of journals are consistently open access, which means that any publication can be freely downloaded, printed, distributed, translated, etc. High Quality All [...]

What are the benefits to publish with Moringa SP?

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General Benefits: Review of article using the peer review method. Greater impact through consistent open access Recognition through the open process 10 years online availability guarantee. Authenticity through Blockchain technology Access through the website, PDF, eBook

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