Mila Looks for the Rainbow – Book for Children

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The children's book, Mila Looks for the Rainbow, is to employ story telling for language learning, an idea conceived by a Berlin-based educational program. (The book exists in German language, entitled Mila sucht den Regenbogen. Daniela’s proposal is to translate, develop, and create an English version of it.) It is also intended to introduce children [...]

Mila sucht den Regenbogen – Kinderbuch

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Das Kinderbuch "Mila sucht den Regenbogen" ist verfasst in Anlehnung an das Konzept der Lerngeschichten des Berliner Bildungsprogramms. Es soll Kinder in die Themen Nachhaltigkeit und Recycling einführen und sie inspirieren schöne neue Dinge aus recycelten Materialien zu schaffen. Da Technologie eine immer wichtigere Rolle in der Kindererziehung spielt, lässt sich Daniela Matzko-Dhonden von Jaron [...]

RKI Covid19 Daten als Frictionless Data auf IPFS, schnell, sicher und benutzerfreundlich

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Die täglich aktuellen COVID19 Fälle des RKI sind nun als Frictionless Data Package über IPFS erhältlich. Der Link dazu wird täglich auf unserem Twitter-Account veröffentlicht. Das RKI stellt lobenswerterweise die gesamten deutschen Falldaten zu Covid19 Infektionen als Open Data (DL-DE->BY-2.0) bereit. Die Datenbank wird jeden Tag einmal exportiert und als CSV unter folgenden Link zur [...]

Introduction: What Is A Blockchain?

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(This post was first published at on Jan 12, 2017. License: CC4.0-BY-SA) It is interesting to notice, that, while all around the world people speak about blockchain and even get into fights whether it is “the blockchain” or “a blockchain” or simply “blockchain," there is yet no commonly accepted definition of what a blockchain [...]

Open Science, What Is It All About?

By |2018-08-10T15:26:03+00:00August 10th, 2018|

I. INTRODUCTION Presently, Open Science receives more and more importance every day. It can be defined as the movement to make scientific investigation and everything that it contains (ideas, data, tests, model code, etc.), accessible to all levels of society. Specifically, in the scientific area, it plays an important job because it implies easy communication [...]

Combining Science and Fun

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Combining Science and Fun What is the best way to learn something? If you think about this question, there are a lot of answers you could come along... and by sure the first one is going to be something like: "combine teaching with fun!". If we google this question on the internet we are going [...]

Licenses at Moringa

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Hi everyone, Around the world everyone is producing new ideas all the time that are pushing the world a step ahead in every direction. Licenses in this context help us all to know how can we use, re-use, modify, etc., the work that other people have been doing. In science, researchers often are using Creative [...]

Open Data is “open as a door”

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In one of our post we presented the video from the American Television channel NOVA: "What Makes Science True". This video is really interesting because they are presenting us the challenges of science today: - the reproducibility crisis - resons for false positive results in science - the importance of experiments repetitions - the scientific [...]

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