Introduction: What Is A Blockchain?

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(This post was first published at on Jan 12, 2017. License: CC4.0-BY-SA) It is interesting to notice, that, while all around the world people speak about blockchain and even get into fights whether it is “the blockchain” or “a blockchain” or simply “blockchain," there is yet no commonly accepted definition of what a blockchain [...]

Open Science, What Is It All About?

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I. INTRODUCTION Presently, Open Science receives more and more importance every day. It can be defined as the movement to make scientific investigation and everything that it contains (ideas, data, tests, model code, etc.), accessible to all levels of society. Specifically, in the scientific area, it plays an important job because it implies easy communication [...]

Combining Science and Fun

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Combining Science and Fun What is the best way to learn something? If you think about this question, there are a lot of answers you could come along... and by sure the first one is going to be something like: "combine teaching with fun!". If we google this question on the internet we are going [...]

Licenses at Moringa

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Hi everyone, Around the world everyone is producing new ideas all the time that are pushing the world a step ahead in every direction. Licenses in this context help us all to know how can we use, re-use, modify, etc., the work that other people have been doing. In science, researchers often are using Creative [...]

Open Data is “open as a door”

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In one of our post we presented the video from the American Television channel NOVA: "What Makes Science True". This video is really interesting because they are presenting us the challenges of science today: - the reproducibility crisis - resons for false positive results in science - the importance of experiments repetitions - the scientific [...]

Data Infrastructures

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A data infrastructure is a collection of data assets, the bodies that maintain them and guides that explain how to use the collected data. Lets take the term infrastructure and think about it. Infrastructure means all the tools or systems that are supporting different activities. For example the infrastructure of streets, bridges, that are maintained [...]

Fun in Open Science

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Have you ever been at a barcamp before? If I am totally honest with you, me... never ever! The first time I heard the words "barcamp" I was not sure what it even meant until my colleage -- who told me about it -- explained it to me. So it is how I attended for [...]

Quality in Science

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Think about it… quality has different meanings and everything depends on the context. Are we speaking about quality in business? Or maybe in philosophy? There are another possibilities like quality in physics, or energy, or something like logical quality. Or the probably best known one for all of us: service quality. But, what is the [...]

La curiosidad y la perseverancia es el éxito de la ciencia

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Preguntas del tipo ¿cómo? o ¿por qué? son las que a travez de la historia han inspirado a científicos y soñadores en la búsqueda de respuestas y soluciones a interrogantes. De esta forma, con el transcurso de los años la ciencia ha venido evolucionando desde lo más básico: conocimientos obtenidos por medio de observaciones y [...]

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