The children’s book, Mila Looks for the Rainbow, is to employ story telling for language learning, an idea conceived by a Berlin-based educational program. (The book exists in German language, entitled Mila sucht den Regenbogen. Daniela’s proposal is to translate, develop, and create an English version of it.) It is also intended to introduce children to the topics of sustainability and recycling, and to inspire them to create beautiful new things from recycled materials. With technology playing an increasingly important role in children’s education, Daniela is inspired by Jaron Lanier to follow a code of responsible commitment and handling. A video in the form of augmented reality will be integrated with each image; this deepens the experience for both sighted and blind readers. The book will be available as a free e-book which is also printable. The pictures can be printed in color or as black and white line drawings. The latter may be used for coloring pages or as DIY templates for handicrafts. The book is suitable for children 3 years and up. There is a large font e-book edition for the visually impaired. Its printing in basic Braille, including a 100% hand-made tactile book, was personally requested by Daniela.

Written and painted by Daniela

Available starting June 2021.

Author-Artist’s Background:

Daniela is a teacher, fashion designer and hand embroiderer. She has been working creatively with children for 25 years. With her self-founded label, AMALSANG, she designs sustainable handcrafted products for children and the art of hand embroidery. It is important to Daniela to contribute towards inclusion of the blind in society, to give children and adults access to knowledge and literature. She advocates for people with disabilities both professionally and privately.

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