Combining Science and Fun

What is the best way to learn something? If you think about this question, there are a lot of answers you could come along… and by sure the first one is going to be something like: “combine teaching with fun!”. If we google this question on the internet we are going to find more than 800.000.000 results… quite amazing isn’t it?, so… it seems to be that FUN is the key!

According to the dictionary, fun is an activity that produces pleasure and distracts from worries and boredom. Laughter is the product of fun and help us to improve breathing and circulation, strengthens our inmune system, reduces stress an anxiety, imroves our relationships, etc.

We at Moringa would like to invite you to have a look at the A Capella Science ( These guys are presenting science through songs and we have to say their stories are really well presented 🙂
Have a look especially at the History of Exoplanet Research:

and get to your own conclusions… here are ours: unsuccessfully asking for money for research in the beginning, being ridiculed by the reviewers (nice logos in the background 🙂 ), nice also the answer to “you have not even found one yet” as “Why, if we have already 9?” The unsuccessful attempts to find something with old data. Then the first clear finds, money flows, this money makes the Keppler satellite possible and now we have thousands of confirmed planets and many more to come.

We wish you nice sommer!

The Moringa Team