Hi everyone,

Around the world everyone is producing new ideas all the time that are pushing the world a step ahead in every direction.

Licenses in this context help us all to know how can we use, re-use, modify, etc., the work that other people have been doing. In science, researchers often are using Creative Commons Licenses (CC), the Digital Peer Publishing License (DPPL), or the GNU Initiative’s (GNU-FDL) Free Documentation License, when they present their work to others. But what are these Licenses, what do they mean? And what licenses are using in Moringa Science Publishing.

Here we would like to invite you to watch the video by BrickPress on YouTube: „Creative Commons explained”, for a first introduction:

and hier a nice explanation about how Moringa Science Publishing is working with Copyrights:



If you have still questions about licenses that we are using please do not hesitate to contact us 😉