Blockchain in Science!

Moringa SP is not the only one who thinks that blockchain technology has an unique relevance for science. Under the name of Blockchain for science, Sönke Bartling has been working for years on the topic and managed to get an impressive list of speakers for a

Hack´n`Share Weekend V0.0 in Berlin for the 27th – 29th of October.

As of now, the webpage shows as confirmed:

and a few more who will likely present as well!

The event will consist of a mix of presentation and breakout sessions with lots of possibilities to discuss, learn and get coding as well (see the registration page for more details).

Do not miss this unique possibility in Berlin! Similar events are promised to be in London & Edinburgh later this year, but Berlin is Berlin. 😉

Sign up today!

Discloser: The author of this blogpost is member of the blockchain for science thinktank who forms part of this project.