“Don’t let people tell you your ideas won’t work”


this quote, said by Dennis Crowley, co-founder of Foursquare, is exactly what Moringa Science Publishing is doing.

With 6 different Journals, we represent a new way of publishing where the principles of Open Science are applied. Open Access is one of our core principles, on top of that we make it possible to publish high-quality research across the entire range of science through:

  • an open review process
  • Secured availability online
  • we are easy to use, we have no requirement of special styles for the initial submission
  • we have dedicated Article formats for printing and online viewing
  • our Journals include all parts of the scientific process, that especially means we publish negative results, experiment repetition attempts and overview articles
  • we are publishing in 3 languages: English, Spanish and German

and our storage system is based on Blockchain technology, which certifies authenticity and ensures against counterfeiting.

Plus all this advantages our journals are focused on publishing research that most other journals do not publish or do not consider important:

Let me give an overview of our journals:

Negative is positive:

Most research is reflected in negative results. When all these negative results cannot be published, much of the research remains in an invisible state. With accepting negative results, we are showing all researchers our respect for their work, as well as rewarding the correct scientific way of work – instead of hunting for the miracle of a great positive result.

Overview of Science:

This is the place for your overview articles! This journal also is an ideal starting point for those new authors who are just at the begin of the process of their research.

Repeated Experiments:

This journal is based on the idea that repetition and tests of experiments are fundamental for science. And How did you start a research career? You repeated the experiments of famous thinkers before you!

Reports of Science:

How much research is locked away in grey literature like whitepapers or tech reports? Reports of Science offers them a place to exist! And you may realise that quite a few of these documents are actually easier to read and more important as their black and white counter parts.

Think Loud:

Science is Discussion! Logically, being able to explain something implies knowledge of it and under this same concept, the development of new ideas and search for solutions works much more fluidly when it stimulates the free exchange of views and different types of opinions are heard.


The Lead:

allows us to communicate original findings or results of projects in the scientific field as well as to communicate the process followed by the author(s) in obtaining them in Open Science fashion.

So, Try us right today, You have so much to win and nothing to lose!