Who we are

Open Science is what we are!

Open Access publications are cited significantly more frequently than closed access publications. Use this to your advantage!

Moringa Science Publishing represents a new way of publishing where the principles of Open Science are applied. Open Access is one of our core principles, on top of that we make it possible to publish high-quality research across the entire range of science through:

  • Open review process

  • Secured availability online (min. 10 years) (*)

  • Seal of authenticity with Blockchain

  • Easy to use, no requirement of special styles for initial submission

  • Article formats for printing and online viewing

  • Journals for all parts of the science process, also including negative results, experiment repetition attempts and overview articles

(*) starting with publication and subject to existence of Moringa SP. We work with public libraries to secure longer availability.

Core Principles

  • Open Access For Everyone – For the advance of science, Moringa publishes only using Open Access licenses like CC-BY and CC-BY-SA, which allows anyone to download, read, copy, distribute, print, search and link the full texts of scientific articles.
  • Open Review Process – We believe that the review process should be open by default. That means that the editor decision and the pre-publication expert reviews will be published regardless of whether the article is published or rejected. This way we honour the work of the reviewers. Authors can remain anonymous in case of a rejection.
  • All Research Is Important – History is full of “silly” ideas that later changed our philosophy of life. We believe that no matter how “silly” something appears at first glance, as long as the research has been done properly, it deserves to be published for everyone’s benefits.
  • Secured Availability – Future generations need to know and learn from history. Preservation of information is very important for the advancement of knowledge.
  • Authenticity And Transparency – All publications are referenced with cryptographic hashes and time-stamped on a distributed immutable public ledger, also known as “Blockchain”. In this way the authorship, publication date and authenticity of all our publications can be easily verified.

Our Passion

We believe that the replicability of research is very important because reproducibility is a way to validate, to give quality and in Moringa SP we are using the technology to make it happen.

By making research innovations easier and more accessible, we are helping to create a future with greater opportunities and equality for all.

“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advance in science.”

Albert Einstein

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We are a multi-disciplinary Blockchainified Open Science Publishing committed to focussed in Transparency and Validity for Science

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