Blockchainified Publishing

  1. By saving the unique cryptographic signature of all published articles on the blockchain, you are able to prove authenticity, authorship and publication date of your publication.
  2. Open access publications are cited significantly more frequently
  3. Moringa Science Publishing publishes high-quality research across the entire range of science where publishers can submit all their work:
    • Research articles
    • Tech-Reports
    • White Papers
    • Overview articles
    • Repeat attempts
    • Negative results

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Our Journals

Moringa Science Publishing allows to publish discoveries and original research from scientific projects that allow to understand the scientific process of the authors.


Our journal for your negative results

Techreports and white papers

Overview articles to start your research

Publish your repeated experiments

Open Science in practice

Open discussions in science

Reasons To Publish With Us

Greater Impact
Consistent Open Access means that all publications can be freely accessed and read, leading to more citations than closed access publications.

High Quality
All articles are peer reviewed to ensure high integrity and quality. (Whitepapers and techreports run through a simpler review process.)

An open review process increases repuation of authors and reviewers. Reviews are published as full publications.

Open Science
Science is much more than just final results. Science needs repetitions, negative results, data, code, etc. Moringa SP offers a place to publish it.

Availability Online
We take care that your work stays online.

Our articles are indexed by the biggest search engines, so that they are easy to find and to cite.

Easy Reproduction
When you publish your article, include everything digital that is needed to reproduce your results.

Proof of publication on the blockchain.

Reader Friendly
We cater for reading online, on an eBook reader and for printing.

Author Friendly
For the initial submission we do not require a special format. Pick your favourite template or just re-submit your work.

We publish in English, German and Spanish.

Reasonable Fees
Low entry fees and special fees for the global south.


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