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Our six open science mega journals cover all areas of science. Our open review process ensures quality and transparency.

We offer web design for static web pages, wordpress sites and web applications.

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Recent News

Living Knowledge Network – London Hackathon from the 1st to 3rd of December

By Ingo on 2017-11-21

Living Knowledge Network – London Hackathon. How can we make science more transparent with the blockchain?   more...

Blockchain for Science Hack'n Share Weekend on the 27th – 29th of October

By Ingo on 2017-09-21

Blockchain for Science Hack'n Share Weekend on the 27th – 29th of October. Hear international experts talk about the future of science and the blockchain and hack one yourself!   more...

Quality in Science

By Salua on 2017-08-24

Think about it… quality has different meanings and everything depends on the context. Are we speaking about quality in business? Or maybe in philosophy? There are another possibilities   more...

La curiosidad y la perseverancia es el éxito de la ciencia

By Salua on 2017-08-14

Preguntas del tipo ¿cómo? o ¿por qué? son las que a travez de la historia han inspirado a científicos y soñadores en la búsqueda de respuestas y soluciones a interrogantes.   more...


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